Did Romney Clinch GOP Presidential Nomination on Super Tuesday?

Conventional wisdom certainly suggests that former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will eventually become the Republican presidential nominee. Did the road to Tampa become a little easier for him on Super Tuesday?

Gallup’s Daily tracking poll between Feb. 29 and March 5 found that Romney leads former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum by 16 percentage points. Roughly 20 percent of Republican and Republican-leaning voters had a “strongly favorable opinion” of both Santorum and Romney in a separate poll conducted between March 1-4. Gallup’s Daily tracking poll from Feb. 15-19 found that the former Pennsylvania senator had a 10-point lead over the former Massachusetts governor.

Romney narrowly won the Ohio primary and other contests in Vermont, Virginia, Massachusetts, Idaho and Alaska. Santorum won the Oklahoma and Tennessee primaries and the North Dakota caucuses. Gingrich decisively won the Georgia primary.

The former Massachusetts governor arguably had a good night on Tuesday, but the road to the nomination remains less than straight forward (at least for the short-term.) Stay tuned!


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