Lynch Again Promises to Veto Marriage Equality Repeal Bill

New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch on Tuesday once again vowed to veto a bill that would repeal the state’s marriage equality law.

“New Hampshire has a long and proud tradition of fighting for the rights of all of our people and a tradition of leaving people alone to pursue of happiness,” he said in his last State of the State address that he delivered in Concord. “As governor, I intend to uphold that century’s old tradition. And I will stand firm against any legislation that would strip any of our citizens of their civil rights.”

It appears likely that lawmakers could potentially vote on House Bill 437 later this month, but a University of New Hampshire Survey Center poll in October shows that 62 percent of state residents support the marriage equality law that took effect in Jan. 2010.

Standing Up for New Hampshire Families and other LGBT rights groups unveiled a television ad with Claremont resident Craig Stowell and his gay brother Calvin earlier this month. A second spot that features Stowell and his wife and Maxine Moore, a long-time Republican activist from Portsmouth, debuted on WMUR in late December.

Former Republican National Committee Chair Ken Mehlman also spoke out against HB 437 in an op-ed that the New Hampshire Union Leader published last Thursday.

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